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We counsel your company in Italy and abroad

Since the '90s we have travelled with clients all around the world to expand their business. We give advice on a regular basis to companies on corporate strategy, business opportunities and long-term goals. Whenever a company is in the process of buying or selling assets, merging with other companies or performing acquisitions - and whenever a company wants to improve its business domestically or abroad - we stand by their side.

Our international experience has been matured in the field, travelling with our clients in Europe, North and South America, Far East and Middle East, with international connections and partnerships able to support any need of you company.

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Our team is structured to respond quickly to customer needs
based on our specific skills and continuous professional development.
The comparison and the internal discussion on the most complex cases
ensure the thorough and exhaustive analysis of every single detail.


Swift and adequate response to the needs of our customers 
are the key to our success.

Giulio Nobili

Stefano Salardi

Alessandra Rossi

Giulio Nobili

Graduated in Law at the University of Modena in 2000, attorney since 2003, is mainly dedicated to negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements and legal advices for companies, customary law and IP. He counsel clients in litigation.

Spoken languages: Italian, English


Stefano Salardi

Graduated in Law at the University of Modena in 1986, attorney since 1989, he is dedicated to corporate and commercial law in Italy and abroad, at the service of companies. He’s daily committed to counsel shareholders and board of directors, in negotiating and drafting of commercial transactions and agreements. He collaborates with business associations for the deepening of country themes. Authorized to practice in the High Courts, assists clients in litigation and in national and international arbitrations.

Spoken languages: Italian, English, Portuguese

Alessandra Rossi

Graduated in Law at the University of Modena in 2002, attorney since 2005, is mainly dedicated to any matter of civil law with particular reference to the dispute on liability and medical malpractice, family law, debt collection and expropriation, bankruptcy.

Spoken languages: Italian, French

Areas of expertise

Studio Legale Salardi mainly acts in business and litigation areas, offering legal services within the activity of industrial or commercial corporations: company and commercial law, M&A, national an foreign agreements and contracts, business start up. Our specialities are company law, commerciali transactions, international contracts, mergers and acquisitions, judicial and arbitrations.

Company Law

Commercial law

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Company Law

Newco & start up


Joint Venture

Articles of association

Corporate governance


Commercial law

Commercial agreements under italian and international practice


Property law

Customs law

Civil Law


Rights in rem

Civil liability


Family and inheritance law






Debt collection

Our international network

Wherever you’re thinking to work, we support your activity with our international expertise and local counsels met during our frequent business trips in any part of the world. Our international relationships will guarantee the highest professional solution to your needs, according to local law and regulation.